Arranged by Phil Unseld & Gustavo Llull

This track is part of the album ‘Tracing Poetry’

Performed by El Jardín de los Prismas

Violin: Oliva Lanza
Piano: Gustavo Llull
Bandoneon: Phil Unseld

In 1974, Astor Piazzolla published a Suite called ‘Lumière’, composed as the soundtrack for the homonymous french movie with Jeanne Moreau. The opening theme is a masterful and deeply moving homage to the feeling of ‘Solitude’.
This arrangement for bandoneon, violin and piano is a reduction to the musical quintessence. Anyhow, the melodic lines are so beautifully interwoven by Piazzolla that they can only be honored: they go directly into the heart, to a place where the beauty of solitude becomes spiritual.

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